Want to Innovate? | Part Two

The previous article highlighted the growing need for innovation and the importance of creativity. Now we’ll dive deeper and define what creative work looks like and the building blocks for a creative and innovative environment.

What Does Creative “Work” Look Like?
Creativity researchers have spent years pulling apart the key factors that make highly creative people just that, highly creative. As researchers are starting to dig into what  everyday creativity  looks like, we’re finding more evidence that these four activities contribute to idea generation by capitalizing on the ability to focus and the opportunity to rest. People need to focus well for preparation, developing expertise and preparing to work with others. By UNfocusing a bit, new information and experiences can incubate long enough to arrive at the flash of insight when a new idea emerges. These seem to occur at the most unlikely times – usually when we’re on “auto-pilot:” exercising, driving, folding laundry, etc. However, once we get that “ah-ah!” moment, people need to focus again for verification activities like idea selection and evaluation.