Does Your Culture Need to Change?

A healthy organizational culture is a catalyst for employee engagement, collaboration, and innovation—three things that are critical to business success. But even more important is understanding how to create a culture that aligns with your overall business goals. The right culture will fully support the efforts of the people who work there. If you’re unsure of what your organizational culture should be, or—worse yet— if you assume your culture is great because everyone seems happy, you risk never realizing the full potential of your organization or your people.

Culture is More Than Office Parties and Pool Tables
Have you heard about those companies that everyone supposedly wants to work for because they have slides in the office and offer free lunches? Those things are great, but they don’t go far if you otherwise have a misaligned culture.

If you really want to support the kind of employee engagement and creativity that drives success, you need to create the right environment—one that supports the types of work needing to be completed. If you find that your current culture isn’t in sync with your goals and the way your people work, you probably have some work to do.